Movement of Support- Adopting a healthy lifestyle

We know that Parkinson disrupts your lifestyle, your habits and those of your loved one What do you do to take care of yourself from a personal point of view? I think even before Parkinson's appeared in my life, we already had activities together with my spouse and on our own as well

It continues I get involved in many organizations and I stay active I think for my mood, for my mental health, it's very important I find it rewarding as well We also take time to travel, to be together

That's how I stay in shape There is nutrition, which helps maintain a good level of energy I often walk to work so that also allows me to keep my mind off things, the more I get closer to work, the more I move away from my thoughts and it is the opposite on my way back I can play my two roles and I think it helps my mind too I do sports activities three times a week

I like to go for a walk, since we are lucky to live in the city So when the sun is shining or even snowing, I like it Muriel, what are you doing to take care of yourself? I have always been active; I have always done many things, so I have not really stopped Depending, on my mood, I will read, I will do puzzles, I will sew I am also almost done classifying my photos in albums

My partner started doing a bit like me in the morning, with our coffee we both read, we give ourselves time and we do not bother each other I take a course, for the past 5 years I participate in writing workshops, every week, plus homework to submit every week It forces me to keep my brain active and to be creative It is very far from the disease, very far from the realities of life It is really something else, it works my imagination, it's not at all my memories

I was physically active but I had to give it up because of my back problems In fact, you are all in something that is creative as if you needed to have something positive coming out of this experience Without a doubt it makes us wander in paths that we would never have thought, it was not planned in our life -or in our retirement plan- either It's like a tree, at one point we thought we were hanging by a branch but it broke and we adapted and went to another one

Yes, there is positivity in everything, even sometimes in things that happen to us that are very sad, there is something good to draw from it We cannot stay like that, Parkinson's is a degenerative disease, it's not only for 2 years So we cannot get depressed all the time, it would not bring anything, so we have to find something positive somewhere What is important to us? What is less important? Are we ready to put in the time we need for the person we love? And then putting things back and into perspective and realizing that maybe, my god, this was really important at some point in my life and then finally, it's not important anymore and we move on to something else It makes you put your values into perspective a little bit

At any given moment, when it happens to us, we want to do everything, we want to have all the information, we want to get involved, we want to do this, we want to do that, we cannot be perfect Then there are things that I refuse, I do not want to go beyond that and it’s OK too, when it’s accepted, we feel liberated and it’s better


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