My healthy diet plan throughout the day وجباتي

Good morning all, hope you all are doing good Today's video I am going to show up how my day is and what food I eat throughout my day, In addition to that I am going to workout, Let's see how my day looks like by starting with the breakfast

That's my breakfast, you see here 4-5 scrambled eggs, 2 pieces of whole grain toast, low-fat white cheese and finally small salad plate with 1 teaspoon of olive oil Furthermore, I am taking as a supplements, CLA : it's acting like those other fat burner and helps to increase muscle mass slightly and 1 pill omega 3 ClA > 4 to 6 pills a day 2 pill per meal

So now here's 2nd meal which almost 2-3 hours after my breakfast, it consists of pancakes as I showed u in my last video, coffee with milk (80% water 20% low fat milk), and a small handful of almonds Thirdly, this's my Pre-workout meal and it consists of 200g boiled potatoes and 1 tomato, and almost 150 gram of chicken breast and 1 pill of omega 3 see u in the next meal Now we are on the way to hit the fitness club, as l'll try to take some shots inside the gym let's go So this's my post workout meal, I've here Broccoli steamed, peas, cooked boil rice and grilled chicken Finally, here is my last meal in the day, it's going to be by using mixer Starting with about 150 ml water, small handful of nuts (almonds and peanut), curd (milk product) just one teaspoon, one scoop whey protein, and finally about 100 ml liter low fat milk and mix all together That's All! thanks for watching hoping you enjoyed the video, and see u in the next video:))


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