Paneer Paratha – पनीर पराँठा | Stuffed Cottage Cheese Parantha | Healthy Breakfast Recipe

Hello friends! My name is Manju Mittal and I welcome you all we're often confused while packing tiffin/lunch for kids to look for dishes that are both tasty & healthy to come over this confusion we'll make Paneer (Cottage Cheese) Parantha it's filled with protein and vegetables and will be very healthy and tasty too if your kids food is great, their mood will also be we need the regular dough used for rotis you can also look up specific recipes for dough making we will now make the filling take 100 gms of cottage cheese and grate it one small onion sliced length wise one spoonful of grated carrot one spoonful of cabbage, cut length wise some finely chopped green chilli green chilli can sometimes be a problem for small kids because it's very hot so you can avoid it when making this for small kids 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper my secret ingredient here is sambhar masala this ingredient might sound odd but this will really enhance the taste of this parantha and your parantha will be even more delicious one teaspoon sambhar masala 1/2 teaspoon of salt mix all of these together I have now switched on the flame take a small dough ball roll it thin whenever we prepare the filling for a parantha it leaks water due to presence of salt to avoid that we have to take some dry flour and spread it on the entire parantha take some paneer filling we'll stuff this on the side and not the center when you put the filling in the center and roll it later then a lot of dough gathers in the center and the layer of dough becomes very thick to prevent that we put the stuffing on the side the dry flour will absorb the excess water from salt and your parantha wouldn't burst open now we cover it ensure that you close this properly take some dry flour for dusting roll the parantha slowly and gently notice how the filling has been evenly spread across the parantha roll the parantha from both sides we now have to put this on a hot pan and we'll make one parantha in the mean time and this parantha will cook alongside take another small ball of dough roll it thin put some dry flour in the center and spread it across the parantha and a lot of paneer stuffing some dry flour on top of the filling and we'll cover it press it from all sides I'll turn the parantha on the pan the paneer parantha is cooking on a low flame dust some dry flour and roll again gently kids are usually not fond of ghee it feels heavy because of lots of ghee so we'll use some butter (salted) instead we don't have to use a lot of butter apply it on both sides turn the paneer parantha over it's still cooking on low flame we don't need to put butter again you'll notice how it's turning very crispy and there is no excess ghee or butter as well because the butter dries up and makes the parantha crunchy by doing this your paneer parantha will be very crunchy what a beautiful parantha this is and notice how the vegetables are still visible often we don't feel like cooking and having something quick, healthy & easy really helps this paneer parantha will come in handy for those times and you can eat it with some curd or chutney now our parantha is ready kids might not want to eat such a big looking parantha so we can cut this up into smaller, nicer looking pieces to make it tempting for them we've cut them into 3 triangles If you liked this recipe and would like to continue seeing our recipes then please like this video and subscribe to our channel


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