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hey guys welcome back to my channel it's Friday and another rendition of meal prep mania! so we are back this week I have three new healthy recipes for you one is chicken ones beef and one is shrimp they are all protein packed and super delicious so let's get started so teriyaki chicken stir-fry super easy to make and if you marinate the chicken overnight or that morning before you go to work this literally takes 15 minutes to chef up it is super easy and delicious if you are gluten-free on BrieOCDcom I have a link to the 10 best gluten free marinades so you can use your own you know separate marinade or you can find a gluten free one in the store you guys are the pros at that so you know best but again there's the best 10 free gluten gluten free marinades on my site this is jam-packed with about 45 grams of protein to the dome-piece has 5 grams of fat so really low fat has about 30 grams of carbs but you can leave the rice separate and then customize it to how you see fit I actually mixed it all in so it was like a complete Asian stir-fry but just leave a separate and then you can customize how much rice you want or none or whatever according to your macros and dietary needs for that day so it was super easy super delicious number 2 instant pot Beef and broccoli you don't need to go to the Chinese restaurant anymore this was really really good super easy you can make it in the instant pot if you don't have one no fear you can do it on the stovetop if you are Gluten free you're gonna want to buy gluten free soy sauce or tamari and they sell those at the market and there are also links on BrieOCD

com and gluten free oyster sauce so easy peasy way to make it gluten free I still also serve this with rice so you can customize how you see fit it has about 535 calories this is with the rice included 18 grams of fat 43 grams of carbs again with the rice included and 44 grams of protein so again you can reduce those carbs by reducing the rice if you don't have an instant pot and you want to make it on the stove top not a problem you still brown the meat you still follow all my instructions still brown the meat and then instead of throwing it into the instant pot just keep it on the stovetop add the sauce after the two minutes of browning add the everything that you're supposed to add to the instant pot and just keep cooking it on the stovetop until it's no longer pink okay so still super easy and delicious and it's all on the stovetop and I bought everything at Trader Joe's so the flank steak the broccoli the soy sauce a bunch of the stuff Trader Joe's easy-peasy let's go you don't need to go to the Chinese restaurant anymore this is way healthier than that next up shrimp ceviche okay so I love the fish shop in Pacific Beach I love they're ceviche they just serve it in a bowl with some tortilla chips it is super fresh super delicious so I'm like I want to make this myself okay well I screwed it up I am going to tell you the hints so that you don't do the same mistakes I did okay number one use fresh lime juice I tried to half butt it and I did half bottled half limes because I got lazy you need all fresh lime juice the shrimp will not cook or any fish that you use in bottled lime juice it just doesn't work next tip boil the shrimp for about 90 seconds to two minutes before you throw it into the marinade you want to boil it just for like 90 seconds it's the water is never going to technically boil you're just really heating them up to cut down on that marination time I just found that it was way easier you want to throw it into an ice bath right after you boil it so to stop the cooking they're not gonna be fully cooked through third tip chop them into tiny little pieces I had way too big of pieces and I had this in there for two days two days and it didn't cook so the next time I used fresh lime juice I boiled them for 90 seconds to two minutes before and I cut them into really tiny little pieces voila delicious I added pineapple to mine and it really complimented the acidity of the lime with the pineapple it was so good and there are three ways to serve this all are on BrieOCDcom one is on tostadas so you can get like the hard taco circle shell and just plop it right on there with lime wedges and avocado slices or you can cube up the avocado second way is just in a bowl again with the lime wedges and avocado and with some tortilla chips if you have some carbs that you can spare or this doesn't really get rid of any of the protein but it has all of the goodness put them on romaine lettuce leaves and again there's all pictures on BrieOCDcom of all three options so really super delicious low carb if you don't use the tostada or the the chips to go with it and just fresh and really easy once you use my tips do not make the same mistakes as me okay people so I hope you enjoyed that's three recipes for this week we have teriyaki chicken stir-fry instant pot beef and broccoli and shrimp ceviche let's go happy Friday people head to BrieOCDcom give me a thumbs up and subscribe please tell your friends happy Friday peace


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