Rosacea treatment & Healthy lifestyle & Workout – Part2

Hi! I'm about to send my Rozex gel to my GP I also need Cetaphil Face Wash and Unguentum Stearini

Unguentum Stearini does not contain any additives, it is available in a pharmacy I really like it because it does not irritate my skin at all I also use 50 facial light fixtures, since daylight protectors are important for Rosacea fighters On the way to the doctor I went back to the doctor and pharmacy, that's all I got

First, let's talk about tetracycline, effectively reducing the symptoms of Rosacea It's anti-inflammatory, I rarely use it, only in cases when my skin is very inflammation The skin is cleansed for 1 week Of course, an antibiotic treatment should always be done, according to the doctor's instructions My eternal favorite is Rozex Gel, which has to be applied twice a day for the affected area

It must be known, it can take weeks for its effect Since I've been using it for years, I'm only about to get to it every 1-2 weeks and it's very effective 🙂 Before use, the skin should be thoroughly cleaned Every time non – comedogenic cream is also worth using The following are Cethapil Face Washers, Cethapil products have been developed for sensitive skin It is scented and does not irritate the skin

I've never had a problem with her face and body yet My facial cream is Unguentum Stearini, which can also be used on face and body Honestly, this is the only cream I can with my skin Based on my experience, it is important that the shampoo is not a skin irritant Now I tried the product of Alpecin, the product is fragrant but I do not mind doing it properly

I'm also taking multivitamins, theoretically it's been made for women so it's good 🙂 I almost forgot about the sunscreen It has a scented and matt effect for which I love it If you liked my video please give me a like and remember to subscribe 🙂 Thank you, I will meet next time!


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