Seekh Kabab Wehshi Style | A Ground Beef Easy Healthy Recipes

Hello everyone Today I am going to share Beef Seekh Kabab Recipe which will make your dinner and tea time very easy and healthy I took 300 grams minced beef without fat for a healthy recipe Minced with fat is unhealthy due to the high level of cholesterol, so I prefer beef minced without fat I cut the corners of bran bread slice I rasping a small onion and set its water aside Half teaspoon of black pepper powder One teaspoon of white table salt I dry roasted half teaspoon of cumin seeds, then ground it I add two teaspoons of red chili sauce as it will penetrate quickly so I will not have to wait it to keep it in the fridge I finely chopped 4 green chilies Half tablespoon of garlic paste Half tablespoon of ginger paste Brown bread slice will make beef minced dry and will help to keep the beef minced in one unit These seekh kabab seems very tasty in dinner and tea time I always prefer these kind of healthy and easy recipes which can be frozen and prepare quickly within no time during the shortage of time or in sudden hunger Kindly try my RAYSHAY DAR SHAMI KEBAB RECIPE too, as the link of that recipe is on the video and also available in the description These seekh kabab in green chilies are so yummy and tasty Red chili sauce taste of it is simply awesome and due to use the sauce Seekh kebabs taste so yummy and juice as compared to red chili powder And the beef minced absorbs the spices quickly so do not miss this tip Fragment of dry roasted cumin seed powder is awesome and black pepper powder is tasty as well as healthy Onion keeps the Seekh Kabab soft and yummy and the taste really so good in the Seekh Kababs as they don’t let the onion dryer to warm them again but keep them juicy These are Instant Energy Booster for body as Vitamin B-12 plays a key role in mental work and red blood cells Even this vitamin is best in anemia (called a condition in which a person too tired to work) and these Seekh Kabab are nutritive with vitamin B-6 and B-12 Beef Minced doesn’t healthy, especially for those who has heart problems And in routine usage of minced beef with fat is normal to keep the Kababs Kofta and Meatballs one unit I added bread slice in place of fat as it will not let the kabobs in parts Before making kebabs just give its ball shape by pressing it again and again And then cross the seekh or rod into the center of it I made this batter for yummy and soft, juicy Seekh kabobs so we will have to make Seekh kebab carefully Gram flour makes the batter extra dry so it is easy to make the Kabob with the help of gram flour, but they don’t make juicy and soft like this Push the air out with the help of fingers and set the corner, then land the Seekh kabob in plate carefully You can freeze it in this condition or after half or after the full fry I fry them in olive oil as it is healthy You can fry them as landing direct from rod or Seekh or can fry Seekh kebabs you have made before Let them fry from one side first Then change the side These Healthy Seekh Kebabs are the best diet for growing kids up diet, which you prepare at home in front of your eyes is so healthy and best for the growth of children Finally, our healthy, easy and tasty Seekh kabobs are ready Enjoy this easy healthy recipe of beef minced seekh kabab in dinner tea times and parties and let me go for the next healthy recipe Do not forget to LIKE , COMMENT & SHARE BYE BYE


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