Soolantra & Vitamin A moisturizer – Rosacea treatment & Healthy lifestyle – Part5

As soon as you can see the rain falls, life is so wonderful 🙂 My doctor wrote a new cream called Soolantra and I admit I can not wait to try it I do not know what your opinion about rosacea products, I personally want to try 🙂 I use a pea amount that I put on my face on my forehead and my nose

After applying soolantra, I also use a moisturizing cream, but I leave it for 10 minutes to absorb soolantra into my skin I came back with my new "A Vitamin" cream that does not irritate the skin 🙂 This cream has no brand, a doctor can prescribe a prescription Let's try it! It's easy to absorb, it really feels good for the skin It can help reduce the symptoms of rosacea (hope we really help :)) So far it seems good

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