Tips on Liquid Diet Recipes and Liquid Diet Plan

Tips on Liquid Diet Recipes and Meal Plans What Can I include in a Liquid Diet Recipe? You must know first the reason why you are taking time to be on a liquid diet If you are advised by a doctor, you may need to ask assistance as there are certain liquid diets that may restrict various types of liquids

But if you are interested in liquid diet recipes because of wanting to lose weight or for other personal reasons then you may include these: fruit juices, fruit punches or purees lemonade or lime juice honey for flavoring milkshakes and soft ice creams syrups and yogurts gelatin desserts and jellies vegetable and chicken soups The role of the Liquid Diet Plan The role of the liquid diet plan is crucial because this is how you will be able to provide your body the needed nutrients out of this diet It is important that your liquid diet plan has a variation of healthy liquids because even if you are on this diet to lose weight, doing it the healthy way is the only way For reference purposes you may follow this sample liquid diet plan: For Breakfast you can have– fresh fruit juice and milk For Lunch – chicken soup, meat soup and vegetable juice During Snacks – lemonade, fruit punches, smooth ice creams, milk shakes with skim milk, jellies and yogurt And for Dinner – you can serve liquids similar to your lunch


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