Top 10 des Aliments Minceur

TOP 10 Slimming Foods 10 – The apple Well known for its satiating properties, the apple contains pectin that traps fat in the stomach and stabilizes blood sugar levels

Its skin, rich in vitamins and fibers, stimulates the transit Finally, the variety Granny Smith is particularly low in sugar 9 – Celery Powerful antioxidant, it promotes the elimination of toxins and improves intestinal transit Eliminator gas, celery also helps fight against water retention and cellulite

Its very low caloric intake makes it an ideal ally against weight gain! 8 – Cinnamon It captures fat and helps lower blood sugar levels Decreasing cholesterol levels, cinnamon is an excellent substitute for sugar In addition, its properties act in the protection of intestinal flora 7 – The Oat Bran

Its soluble fiber reduces the absorption of fats and sugars Oat bran helps to both facilitate digestion and improve intestinal transit Draining, it acts to regulate the appetite and quickly gives a satiety effect 6 – The parsley This aromatic plant is known for its important diuretic action and promotes the elimination of toxins

Rich in vitamins A and C, iron and trace elements, parsley is a valuable food Moderator of appetite, it also helps regulate blood glucose levels 5 – Pineapple Fresh, it is low in calories and helps to avoid retention while getting rid of toxins Rich in fiber which regulates intestinal transit, it is also a fruit rich in bromelain, a natural anti-inflammatory with diuretic effect that promotes the elimination of fat

4 – Sardine & Salmon Oily fish are rich in omega-3 and unsaturated fats that prevent the storage of bad lipids and promote the burning of fat Sources of phosphorus that helps strengthen bone matrix, they also stimulate the production of leptin, a natural appetite suppressant 3 – The Lemon Full of fiber and vitamin C, its citric acid stimulates digestion and detoxification by helping to eliminate fats and proteins

Lemon contains pectin that acts as an appetite suppressant and prolongs the feeling of fullness 2 – The courgette Rich in potassium and low in sodium, it is a diuretic food and very low in calories Containing 95% water, zucchini facilitates the elimination of toxins and fats Plus, its fiber-filled skin boosts transit and weight loss

1 – Eggplant Very rich in fiber, potassium and pectin, it traps fat and promotes the elimination of toxins, thereby improving intestinal transit Low in calories and rich in water, eggplant helps to purify the body and lower the level of sugar in the blood


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