TRIATHLON Training for WEIGHT LOSS Pt. 1: Fat Burning Breakfast

– Hey what's up Trainiacs, Triathlon Taren here If you are taking up triathlon as part of a lifestyle change, which I know a lot of you are, and you're looking to maybe lose a little bit of weight and get a little bit more healthy, what we're gonna do over the next four videos is we are going to talk about start to finish, and include an accompanying free program that you can do over the course of these four videos, and four days that will help you lose weight

(exciting, fast techno music) Now before I get into this video, I want to explain my premise and sort of philosophy about weight loss If you take a look at my Instagram photos, you'll notice that I'm not totally ripped That's because I am naturally like you are, I'm a normal person I'm not built with an eight pack, I actually used to weigh 215 pounds And how I've managed to lose weight is in the face of naturally being a heavier individual

So you might look at me and be like, what does this guy know about weight loss, but I know a lot about weight loss, having lost about 60 or more pounds over the course of the last 10 years And I'm now able to keep it off without it ever feeling like a diet Also, disclaimer, I'm not a nutritionist, I'm not a doctor, I just play one on the internet So if you are looking at applying any of these principles, certainly consult a physician, a qualified nutritionist, we're just giving you some ideas here Now let's get started with how to start your day before a morning workout in such a way that encourages you to lose weight, and particularly lose fat

When we wake up in the morning, because we haven't eaten for upwards of eight, nine, ten hours, we're in a fat-burning mode We don't have carbs or glycogen in our muscles and our liver that are easy to access Our body, however, will always want to use carbs as its preferred source of fuel because it assimilated quickly into our bloodstream, it's easy access We don't really want that We want to be able to access fat so that we get leaner, we get lighter

So what I'm gonna give you here is the morning drink that I have before a workout, that encourages my body to stay in a fat burning mode You might have heard of Bulletproof Coffee That is a very big, popular morning drink for a lot of keto proponents I am going to recommend kind of a take on the Bulletproof Coffee, and there are a few reasons way I don't follow it exactly Now the few reasons are number one, I don't like drinking coffee all day

It has basically energy benefits, but it doesn't have necessarily health benefits Secondly, Bulletproof Coffee recommends that you eat a ton of butter I am not a big fan of having a ton of animal products, because I have a history of heart health issues in my family Think that you can make some very easy substitutions to basically have all the benefits of a Bulletproof Coffee, while adding additional health benefits So we're gonna make that right now

I start with about a cup of some type of milk that is not dairy milk Dairy tends to not sit quite right for a lot of people, so we've got cashew milk, we've got almond milk, sometimes I use oatmeal milk, coconut milk, rice milk, doesn't really matter basically Anything besides traditional dairy milk Sometimes I mix and match between two of them Also, the traditional Bulletproof Coffee doesn't necessarily include a whole lot of protein

If you're looking at maintaining muscle mass but not adding a ton of calories, I like adding a heaping tablespoon of gelatin This is basically collagen, this has been proven to go right into your joints As endurance athletes, we end up just beating the tar our of our joints We get a little bit of protein to maintain muscle mass, and it ends up helping out our joints I like to add a couple drops of Vitamin D

If you live anywhere that is even slightly wintry, you are going to be likely Vitamin D deficient Vitamin D deficiencies lead to a lot of issues with hormones, particularly testosterone, which increases body fat, makes it harder to lose weight, so I add about four or five drops of Vitamin D And then as a substitute for the butter, I use either sunflower seed butter or almond butter Doesn't really make a difference, but I like to switch up what I'm eating day-to-day, so that I'm getting the same overall benefits, but I'm not just eating the same thing every single day, developing potentially autoimmune deficiencies to certain types of foods So I'm always trying to mix things up

Then I add, this is very traditional with Bulletproof Coffee, is MCT oil This is like shelf stable and cooking stable coconut oil That's normal with Bulletproof Coffee Now here's the biggest change that I make, I've been using Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee for the last year or so I started using it when I started feeling like I was becoming addicted to coffee, and there weren't really that many health benefits to it besides just giving me a big surge in energy

Also, at the end of the day, starting to get like that acidy feeling, so I wanted to drink coffee but it's not like it really even tasted good Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee, which is this here, only has 50 milligrams of caffeine which is anywhere from about a quarter to half as much as is in a typical cup of coffee And then in addition to that, you get a lot of health benefits that are being found in mushrooms these days This one is just the straight-up coffee, and I'll flip between this one, which has about 50 milligrams of cordyceps but it has the caffeine and the cordyceps to give you energy, and just the straight-up cordyceps, which has 1,500 milligrams of cordyceps and no caffeine So I'm looking at getting sort of a burst of energy to get to that next workout, but again getting more health benefits than just overall coffee and being able to have options with the way that I'm gonna get that energy

If you're interested in getting Four Sigmatic, I've arranged a deal with them that if you go to foursigmaticcom/triathlontaren, you can get 15% off of any of their products And that is an affiliate link so it does help us out If you just end up going to foursigmaticcom, not remembering that unique URL for us, you can enter triathlontaren as a coupon code, still get that 15% off

But this is what I use for my Bulletproof Coffee every single day for all those reasons Oh, and they've also got hot cocoa, which is delicious They've got Lion's Mane for mental acuity, they've got Chaga for immune function, all good stuff people So today, I am going to use the cordyceps, basically just because I'm running low on the straight-up mushroom coffee Top the rest of that up with water, blend this sucker up

(blender running) After I've made it the night before, I put it in the fridge, (fridge door closing) and I've got to give it a shake the next morning, or if I'm making it in the morning, I still drink it cold I find that it tastes best cold, by far So I end up having that drink before just about every single workout that is under about an hour and a half, because I don't need a huge amount of carbs And there are a lot of benefits to this that science has shown and that I've found Personally, I've found that I'm lighter, like weight-wise

I also feel lighter for the workout because I don't have a big mass of food in my stomach But I get a nice, sort of a kick of energy, but it's not a surge of energy Fair warning, what you're gonna find if you start taking this, is that it's gonna take you about three to four weeks to get used to fueling off of fat as opposed to carbs because your body is going to want to use carbs as opposed to fat Takes little while the train that way Once you do end up getting your body trained that way, it's got a huge amount of benefits

In addition to being lighter, you've also got less chance of bonking in a race because your body all of a sudden knows how to use fat and your fat stores during the middle of a race And it keeps your blood sugar low You don't have that big spike, which ends up resulting in a crash And that crash is what often results in hunger pains throughout the day, causing people to overeat So there you go, thank you to Four Sigmatic for its sponsoring this video

As I mentioned before, if you want to get some Four Sigmatic for your Bulletproof Coffee, go to foursigmaticcom/triathlontaren or use triathlontaren as a coupon code And if you want to get the entire free resource that I've put together for how to lose weight with triathlon training, go to triathlontarencom/weightloss It's free, punch in your email address and you'll get a bunch of calculators, you'll get a bunch of tools and resources that are going to help you learn how to exactly lose weight while not really feeling like you're dieting so that you can keep that weight off, and turn triathlon and healthy living into a lifestyle

Thank you for watching, if you aren't already subscribed and you want to make sure you do not miss the next three days of weight loss videos, tomorrow I'm gonna be talking about how intense you should be working out to lose weight through triathlon, hit the subscribe button below If you are already subscribed, hit me up in the comments below with your weight loss story See you tomorrow


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