What’s the best diet for fat-loss?

– Hey guys, It's Johnny here from physique performance specialists And today I'm going to teach you what really matters when it comes to nutrition and why you should stop looking for the perfect diet plan

Now I'm sure that you'll all agree that there's way too much information out there on the net, and on the gramme, when it comes to selecting dietary protocols for fat loss Intermittent fasting, paleo, keto, gluten free, clean eating, if it fits your macros, they're all being preached out there, and they are usually always backed up by a scientific picture of six pack abs Now what a lot of people don't realise is that all these dietary protocols all work on the same principle of calories in versus calories out, they just all have different methods of reaching the same caloric outcome each time So many people out there are worried about all these minute little details when it comes to nutrition, and they are so fixated on finding the perfect diet plan, they're so paralysed by fear, that they struggle to even start a plan at all And we need to start focusing on the bigger picture here guys, and what it really comes down to is long term dietary adherence

Not what you can stick to for 28 days, not for 12 weeks, but what you can see yourself sticking to for the next twelve months and beyond Because you can go out there and you can follow any of these protocols and if you see some great short term results, what happens when you jump off this protocol and revert back to your old habits Your results are going to go straight out the window with it Okay, so what's the best diet plan for you? I can't tell you that You need to go out there and you need to try these things, and you need to find the one that's most sustainable for you, and your lifestyle

You need to stop over-complicating your nutrition you need to start focusing on what matters and you need to ditch this idea of the perfect diet plan, because the perfect diet plan for you, is the one that you can stick to in the long term, so you can finally start seeing some results in the gym and in the mirror, that last okay If you've got any questions regarding nutrition post them in the comments box below and share this with a friend who needs to stop over-complicating their nutrition and focus in on what matters


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