#WomenOfKovsies: Arina Engelbrecht’s Advocacy for a Healthy Lifestyle

I am at the wellness department, employee wellness within HR, and I'm heading the preventative programme in wellness Now the pedometer challenge we had this year, we had an 8 week challenge, and the people at the university really embraced that

We had 45 active teams that participated, and the total amount of kilometers that they walked, was 54000 kilometers That is 45 teams and every team had 4 members The winning team was from provisioning and they did 3200 kilometers in 8 weeks So, it doesn't stop there Now you want to just go bigger and better, and change South Africa in a way we started it at the UFS and we challenged the North West University, so the next challenge on the pedometer challenge starts on the 5th of September – where we will just then motivate people to just be active and all the advantages of being active, you will have a more quality life, you will just have more zest for life, you will really have more energy, you will sleep better

So, yes, that is what the physical wellness is all about and that is really my passion I think we must start honouring being a woman We must start embracing who we are We must start believing in ourselves, being a woman we can really change the world, that's what I believe Being yourselves and just going forward

Just thinking about a woman's day, you get up in the morning, you get your kids to school, you come to work, you give your utter best at work, you go home, you still have time to exercise I just think a woman is just something we have to embrace and just enjoy that


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